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Computer & Internet lessons throughout Cheshire, Greater Manchester & Derbyshire for the Over 50's.

Are you looking to...

  • Learn about computers or tablets?
  • Improve your basic computer skills?
  • Enhance your employment prospects?
  • To get techno-savvy to impress your children, family, friends or grandchildren?


One-to-One Personal Computer Lessons

My name is Mark Davies and I am an experienced IT Trainer / Tutor. I offer private computer lessons for people aged 50 and above throughout the areas of Cheshire, Greater Manchester and parts of Derbyshire. The business has been operating since 2008. Computer skills can all be learned and you are never too old to start. My oldest client (90 yrs old) is a great example of how age should not be a barrier to learning!

One-to-one tuition is conducted using your computer or tablet, at your convenience. If you do not have access to a computer or tablet, then I can bring one as part of the package. It is like having your own personal tutor but you decide what topics to learn, where and when.

PC Tuition and Learning Support

The support I offer is ideal for complete beginners or improvers. These are just some of the topics available:


  • Buying a computer or tablet - what are the options - get advice before you buy
  • Computer basics - All Windows versions
  • Using the mouse & keyboard
  • Seaching the Internet
  • Odering from the Internet & staying safe online
  • Using Email
  • Writing letters & Printing
  • Creating newsletters, cards etc
  • Online Banking
  • Digital Photography & Image Editing
  • Apple ipad or Android Tablets
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Facebook


See the services page for more information........


Computer Lessons - One session or several (you decide what you need & when)

Sessions can vary but are normally between 1-2 hours in duration. Flexible options means that you can choose to have just one lesson or several, as and when you need them. These will be agreed around your schedule and no fees are payable in advance.

Depending on the subject, sessions may include practice exercises, supporting documentation where appropriate and post-course support via email for 60 days. Unlike purchasing a long course or being in a large class, these short sessions are much more effective and will be tailored to the system you have and your own specific needs.

You will learn at your pace and repeat steps as often as necessary until you feel comfortable. I will help you by way of verbal explanations, visual demonstrations and patient guidance as you carry out tasks for yourself. Documentation and exercises will also be provided depending on the subject.

So if you need extra time or practice with a particular task, it's not a problem. You are in complete control of your training. Learning about computers should be fun and private lessons generally means less stress and more effective learning.


Reasons for having your own tutor and Individual tuition

  • Your new to computers and don't know where to start.
  • Convenience - the tutor will visit you.
  • Flexible learning - you decide when and how often.
  • You learn slowly and classes always go too fast.
  • You need help from someone with lots of patience
  • Computer classes are often large and do not meet your needs.


Computer Lessons - How to Get Started.........

Contact me on 07850 363263 to discuss your needs or email . I will discuss your needs and find out about your computer skills and experience. For some people a skills check may be required. This is just answering a few questions that will identify where you might have gaps in your knowledge.

At the meeting I will discuss the possible options with you and give you more information about any topic/s you are interested in. You can then decide whether or not my help will benefit you. You are under no obligation to purchase any service offered.

Computer Lessons - Cheshire, Manchester & Derbyshire.

I offer computer tuition and support throughout Cheshire, Greater Manchester and parts of Derbyshire.Fees may vary depending on distance. Please call to discuss.


You can read more about me and my computer training background >>> here...

Call Mark Davies on 07850 363263 or email